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Lluís Torner

Lluís Torner

Welcome to our web page.

This is our gateway to the world, most likely the window through which you will meet us for the first time. We hope you find everything you are looking for.

ICFO is a young research institution that aims to advance the very limits of knowledge in Photonics, namely the science and technology of harnessing Light. Light, especially laser light, is one of the major enabling technologies currently available to humankind. Our research thrusts target the global forefront of photonics, and aim to tackle important challenges faced by society at large. We focus on current and future problems in Health, Energy, Information, Safety, Security and caring for the Environment.

Our most valued assets are our PhD students and post-doctoral researchers. They are bright, ambitious young women and men, with a talent for discovery and strong moral values, who aim to achieve difficult but important goals. Central to our mission is the training of the next generation of scientists and technicians through courses, seminars, access to cutting-edge experimental infrastructures, and mentoring by researchers that are among the best in the world in their field. This training aims to equip talented students with unique capabilities that help them become future leaders, either in the academic or in the industrial world.

ICFO’s core spirit is ingenuity, fascination for the unknowns, and hard work, attitudes shared by many researchers around the world with whom ICFO researchers continuously interact and correspond.

Listen to your heart: If you share these values and ambitions and you like working with light, surf our web to identify the challenge that most interests you, and get on board. A new project is about to leave port to take you on an exciting intellectual trip.

Lluís Torner