Making Quantum Liquids Out of Quantum Gases
August 29th, 2017 LETICIA TARRUELL Ultracold Quantum Gases
ICFO-The Institute of Photonic Sciences

In the past decades it has become possible to cool down atomic gases which are about a million times thinner than air to temperatures about a billionth of a degree above absolute zero. In these conditions quantum mechanical effects become essential: the atoms behave as matter waves which interfere, interact and can form very exotic states of matter such as superfluids, superconductors, supersolids, etc.

These systems have been intensively exploited to simulate in the laboratory the physics of quantum gases or, by placing the atoms in a crystal of light, of solids. In my talk, I will report on a new and exciting direction in the field: the realization of quantum liquids out of these quantum gases. I will explain how liquid droplets can be realized in an attractive mixture of two Bose-Einstein condensates, and present our recent observation of the liquid-to-gas phase transition.

Summer Lecture, August 29, 2017, 12:00.Blue Lecture Room