Regular Papers
  • Quadratic soliton self-reflection at a quadratically nonlinear interface L. Jankovic, H. Kim, G. Stegeman, S. Carrasco, L. Torner, M. Katz Opt. Lett. 28, 2103-2105 (2003)
  • Robust soliton clusters in media with competing cubic and quintic nonlinearities D. Mihalache, D. Mazilu, L. C. Crasovan, B. A. Malomed, F. Lederer, L. Torner Phys. Rev. E 68, 046612 (2003)
  • Equivalence between two-Qubit entanglement and secure key distribution A. Acín, L. Masanes, N. Gisin Phys. Rev. Lett. 91, 167901 (2003)
  • Orbital angular momentum of photons in noncollinear parametric downconversion G. Molina-Terriza, J. P. Torres, L. Torner Opt. Commun. 228, 155-160 (2003)
  • Complex soliton-like pattern generation in potassium niobate due to noisy, high intensity, input beams L. Jankovic, S. Polyakov, G. Stegeman, S. Carrasco, L. Torner, C. Bosshard, P. Gunter Opt. Express 11, 2206-2210 (2003)
  • Dispersion-managed cnoidal pulse trains Y. V. Kartashov, V. A. Vysloukh, E. Marti-Panameño, D. Artigas, L. Torner Phys. Rev. E 68, 026613 (2003)
  • Deflection of quadratic solitons at edge dislocations D. V. Petrov, S. Carrasco, G. Molina-Terriza, L. Torner Opt. Lett. 28, 1439-1441 (2003)
  • Arresting wave collapse by wave self-rectification L. C. Crasovan, J. P. Torres, D. Mihalache, L. Torner Phys. Rev. Lett. 91, 063904 (2003)
  • Simultaneous frequency conversion and beam shaping for optical-tweezers applications G. Molina-Terriza, L. Torner, S. Minardi, P. Di Trapani J. Mod. Opt. 50, 1563-1572 (2003)
  • Preparation of engineered two-photon entangled states for multidimensional quantum information J. P. Torres, Y. Deyanova, L. Torner, G. Molina-Terriza Phys. Rev. A 67, 052313 (2003)

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