01 December 2005 Women in Science, passion for research

The journalists’ magazine ‘Dones’ honors the work of women in science and discusses the current situation in Catalonia. Three ICFO women scientists voice their point of view about the matter. Dr. Silvia Soria and doctorate students Noelia González and Ana Predojevic contributed to a feature article about Women in Science titled ‘Women Scientists, passion for research’. The feature, published in the magazine ‘Dones’ this December, displays Silvia’s, Noelia’s and Ana’s passion and calls for a more active participation of women in scientific careers and research.

An evaluation of the current situation and contribution of women in science in Catalonia, Spain and Europe is discussed. The conclusion is: achieving equal and full participation of women in all scientific disciplines and at all levels is a must to enhance diversity and promote further progress and excellence in European science.