23 February 2006 Ontario Photonics visits ICFO

Canadian visitors with ICFO researchers, visiting the labs

A delegation from Ontario, Canada, visits ICFO to foster collaborations Prof. Peter Mascher from the McMaster University, Program director of the Ontario Photonics Consortium, Dr. Mark Romoff, President of the Ontario Centres of Excellence, including the Ontario Photonics Research Centre, Mr. Eduard Molins, Commercial attaché of the Canadian Consulate in Catalonia, and Dr. Isidro García, Head of Science and Technology in the Embassy of Canada in Spain visited the Institute on February 23th.

The aim of the visit was the exploration of collaborative research programs and common interests between ICFO researchers and researchers based in Ontario. Ontario is specially interested in new research programs and partnerships in emerging fields from nanotechnology to photonics to sustainable energy systems, an interest shared by ICFO researchers and by the Government of Catalonia at large.