14 September 2006 ICFO part of the Teknon Clinic Master in Photomedicine

The new master is focused on laser techniques for diagnosis and phototherapy for medical applications To harvest the enormous potential of photonics for current and future medical applications, ICFO, together with the Fundacio Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, and the Teknon Medical Centre at Barcelona co-launch the Teknon Master in Photomedicine: Laser Medicine and Phototherapy.

The Master in Photomedicine, which shall start on January 2007, is divided in three main modules: laser fundamentals, laser safety, and laser applications in Medicine. The program covers basic and specific techniques and applications of laser systems in a broad range of Medicine specialities and diagnostic systems based on light. It also includes hands-on specialized training on cutaneous phototherapy and surgical laser at the Laser Platform based at the Teknon Medical Centre.

This Master is directed to interested general physicians, medicine and surgery graduates, very specially those working in plastic surgery, dermatology or any surgical specialists that use lasers and advanced light systems. Training sessions will be given by national and international professionals.

For further information, please contact: Ms Aranza Martínez, at the Fundacio UPC (tel +34 93 401 57 31)