13 April 2007 ICFO students at “Live Research”

Stand of ICFO-OSA Student Chapter

Students paticipating in an activity

The ICFO-OSA Student Chapter participates in the outreach event held at the Pedrera. Several students of the ICFO-OSA student chapter have participated in the fifth edition of the “Investigación en Directo” (Live Research) workshop organized by the Barcelona Scientific Park.

The “Investigación en Directo” fair is a promotional event that aims at improving the scientific culture of our society and more specifically at showing the general public the research that is being carried out in Barcelona.

The previous editions of the Fair received over 2000 visitors each (www.pcb.ub.es/recercaendirecte), displaying a total of 10 research groups. This is the second time that one of these groups is formed by ICFO students.

The Fair took place at the Pedrera (Centro Cultural Caixa Catalunya-Sala Gaudi, Passeig de Gracia 92, Barcelona) the 12th and 13th of April.

This activity, together with the many others that our ICFO-OSA Student Chapter organizes, aims at approaching the world of science to the youngest by showing them the importance of research in our present world