06 February 2020 ICFO-MIT School & Symposium on Emergent phenomena in Moiré materials, 6-10 July 2020

Announcing the launch of this year’s ICFO School on the Frontiers of Light TOPIC

Moiré systems with 2D materials offer a novel platform for exploring a plethora of exotic phenomena. The emerging field of twistronics embodies a fundamentally new approach to engineering the electronic and optical properties of materials and devices. A tantalising example is the so-called magic angle rotation between sheets of graphene or semi-conducting 2D materials, which has shown superconducting phases similar to those of unconventional high-Tc materials. The wide tunability of Moiré systems offers many exciting new possibilities to explore.


This year the school is organised in partnership with researchers from MIT.

We will run a 3-day school and a 2-day symposium (9-10 July), gathering leading experimentalists and theorists covering emerging topics in the optics and electronics of twisted 2D materials.

Frontiers of Light Schools aim at giving talented young researchers and students worldwide a first introduction to a thematic research area and a taste of an international research environment. They will incorporate a dynamic and social learning environment beyond participating in lectures, including group discussions, direct interactions with the lecturers, student talks, poster presentations, and visits to labs.

The organizing faculty members are Dima Efetov, Frank Koppens, Adrian Bachtold, Maciej Lewenstein, Antoine Reserbat-Plantey, and Dr Robert Sewell and Pablo Jarillo-Herrero from MIT.

The school is especially geared toward masters-level students and students beginning their PhD, although advanced undergraduates and experienced researchers are welcome to apply. It is open to a limited number of students, selected on the basis of academic merit.

Up to 10 International Travel Fellowships are available to outstanding applicants from around the world. The deadline for applications is Friday 31 March 2020.

The symposium is open to any interested researcher. The deadline for registration is Friday 1 May 2020.

Invited Lecturers & Speakers:

  • Eva Andrei (Rutgers)
  • Leni Bascones (ICMM Madrid)
  • Dimitri Basov (Columbia)
  • Andrei Bernevig (Princeton)
  • Rafael Fernandes (Minnesota)
  • Paco Guinea (IMDEA Madrid)
  • James Hone (Columbia)
  • Atac Imamoglu (ETH Zurich)
  • Pablo Jarillo-Herrero (MIT)
  • Jeanie Lau (Ohio State)
  • Allan MacDonald (Texas)
  • Xavier Marie (INSA Toulouse)
  • Marco Polini (IIT Pisa)
  • Rebeca Ribeiro Palau (Paris Saclay)
  • Lucile Savary (ENS Lyon)
  • Jie Shan (Cornell)
  • Senthil Todadri (MIT)
  • Ashvin Vishwanath (Harvard)
  • Ali Yazdani (Princeton)
  • Eli Zeldov (Weizmann)