20 July 2010 Brazilian PhD Award

ICFOnian Dr. Leandro Aolita best PhD thesis in Physics in Brazil. In its 2009 edition, the Brazilian Physics Society awarded Dr. Aolita’s thesis “The Physics of Entanglement: Production, Detection, and Applications” with the prestigious José Leite Prize to the Best PhD Thesis. This is the most important mention for a PhD thesis defended in Brazil.

The research, both experimental and theoretical, was carried out at the Quantum Optics Group of the Institute of Physics at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, under the supervision of Prof. Luiz Davidovich. It focused on “different ramifications of the same trunk: understanding one of the most outstanding features of quantum mechanics, entanglement”.

Dr. Leandro Aolita joined ICFO in 2008 to work as a postdoc in the group led by ICREA Prof. Antonio Acín.