05 January 2011 Le Prix La Recherche

A team including Prof. Antonio Acin awarded by the French magazine La Recherche. Last April, a research team including Prof. Serge Massar and former ICFOnian Dr. Stefano Pironio, both the Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium) and Prof. Antonio Acin, from ICFO, published in Nature the paper Random Numbers Certified by Bell’s Theorem. The research team was completed by Antoine Boyer de la Giroday, from the Cavendish Laboratory, UK; and Dr. Dmitri Matsukevich, Dr. Peter Maunz, Dr. Steve Olmschenk, Dave Hayes, Dr. Le Luo, Andrew Manning, and Prof. Chris Monroe from the University of Maryland, USA. They showed a procedure to obtain a truly random sequence of numbers by means of non-local correlations of entangled quantum particles.

Now the French magazine La Recherche distinguishes Pironio, Massar and Acin with an award meant to highlight exceptional work during the year carried out in the fracophone region. The title of the contribution, based on the previous scientific article, is “La certitude de l’aléa quantique”.