26 January 2005 Hat trick in PRL by ICFO’s Quantum Information Theory Group this January

The papers report advances in quantum cryptography Quantum information activities led by Dr. Antonio Acín contributed three important papers in the top-physics journal Physical Review Letters this January. The papers report advances in the areas of quantum cryptography, entanglement, and quantum information processing.

The papers are: “Quantum Correlations and Secret Bits”, by Acin and Prof. N. Gisin (University of Geneva, Switzerland); “Quantum Key Distillation from Gaussian States by Gaussian Operations”, by M. Navascués, J. Bae, Acin, Prof. J. I. Cirac (Max Planck fur Quantenoptik, Germany, Distinguished Invited Professor at ICFO), Prof. M. Lewenstein (University of Hannover, who will join the ICFO this month), and Dr. A. Sanpera (University of Hannover, currently at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), Spain); and “Security Bounds for Continuous Variables Quantum Key Distribution”, by M. Navascués and Acín.

Please, find the papers in the section Publications