27 February 2013 New Journal of Physics 2012 Highlights

Five ICFO papers included in the NJP “Highlight of 2012 collection”. Each year, the editors of the New Journal of Physics (NJP) highlight what they consider to be a collection of the best research published in NJP in the previous year, thus “celebrating the quality and diversity of papers” that they receive. According to Elena Belsole, publisher of NJP, “the articles featured span some of the most cutting-edge areas of physics, and collectively are a reflection of the most influential research published in NJP in 2012.”

This year, ICFO was amply represented with 5 papers in this collection with works by Dr. Tobias Fritz in the group led by ICREA Professor Antonio Acín, NEST Fellow Darrick Chang, and ICREA Professor Maciej Lewenstein.