17 July 2013 Quantum Physics and Logic Workshop
The 10th QPL Workshop takes place at ICFO the 17th - 19th July. This workshop will bring together researchers working on mathematical foundations of quantum physics, quantum computing and spatio-temporal causal structures, and in particular those that use logical tools, ordered algebraic and category-theoretic structures, formal languages, semantical methods and other computer science methods for the study of physical behaviour in general.

Previous QPL events were held in Ottawa (2003), Turku (2004), Chicago (2005), Oxford (2006), Reykjavik (2008), Oxford (2009), Oxford (2010), Nijmegen (2011), and Brussels (2012).

Alongside talks given by invited speakers, there are submitted talks. Selected submissions will appear in the journal Information and Computation, a top journal in computer science. There may also be a special issue of EPTCS which will include all accepted talks.

Invited speakers include:
The QPL 2013 Workshop is organized by members of the Quantum Information Theory group at ICFO. This event is for registered participants only.