17 September 2014 Max Planck-Prince of Asturias Award Mobility Grants

Mr. Jordi Tura

Ms. Senaida Hernández

Mr. Pau Farrera

Three ICFO researchers awarded prestigious grant. ICFO PhD students Jordi Tura, Senaida Hernández and Pau Farrera have recently been granted the \"Max Planck Prince of Asturias Award Mobility Grant\", an award given by the Max Planck Society that will provide funding to ICFO in order to support Ms. Hernandez, Mr. Tura and Mr. Farrera’s research and scientific accomplishments, their cooperation with the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics as well as help them establish close research ties to the German and international scientific communities.

Senaida Hernández joined the Quantum information theory group, led by ICREA Professor at ICFO Antonio Acín, at the end of 2013 and since then, has centered her doctoral work on the study of thermodynamic processes in the quantum regime.

Jordi Tura originally came to ICFO as a Summer Fellow in the summer of 2011 and later joined the Quantum optics theory group, led by ICREA Professor at ICFO Maciej Lewenstein, in 2011. Since then, he has centered his doctoral work on various problems concerning the theory of entanglement and quantum correlations.

Pau Farrera, also a 2011 ICFO Summer Fellow, joined the Quantum photonics with solids and atoms group led by ICREA Professor at ICFO Hugues de Riedmatten in 2013. His doctoral thesis work is centered on Quantum Optics with Laser cooled Atomic Ensembles.

Congratulations to all three on this outstanding grant!