11 January 2017 Collaborative Research at BIST Research Centers

Launch of BIST-Ignite call for Collaborative Seeding Projects. The Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST) has recently launched the first BIST-Ignite Call for Collaborative Seeding Projects, aimed at fostering joint interdisciplinary research among the different BIST Centers, facilitating cross fertilization.

The BIST-Ignite program is based on a two-stage funding scheme. This call is a first seeding stage for project ideas. Five proposals will be selected for funding and given 8 months to be developed. During the second stage, the two best amongst the initial five will be selected and will receive additional funding, in order to develop an exploratory project for 12 months during 2018.

The two-stage funding scheme aim to stimulate the generation, participation and active contribution of collaborative partnerships among BIST centers, as well as to establish and promote a pipeline of new research projects, emerging from ideas/questions that require a multidisciplinary approach.

The projects must involve at least two groups working in different BIST centers and be aimed at exploring new questions or technological challenges through novel multidisciplinary approaches. The BIST-Ignite program will allow for the exchange of knowledge across disciplines, exposing researchers to diverse scientific environments, and may provide new insights to push the collaboration further.

The BIST-Ignite program aims to become a spark that ignites new collaborations, lighting up multidisciplinary lines of research within the BIST Community.