07 July 2017 ICFO Schools on the Frontiers of Light

Group Picture

Poster Session

ICFO hosts the summer school program "Master School Optical Trapping and Optical Manipulation". The 2nd Edition of the ICFO School on the Frontiers of Light, entitled “New Frontiers in Optical Trapping and Optical Manipulation” took place at ICFO from 3-7 July 2017.

This new edition of the ICFO School on the Frontiers of Light, introduced the students to the physics of optical forces and the principal current trends in the field, including statistical physics, optomechanics, biophysics and soft matter. The school’s main objective was to show that optical trapping and manipulation has become a transversal enabling tool involved in many aspects of Science, from fundamental Physics to Biology.

The school’s agenda covered topics that ranged from pedagogical lectures on selected topics, research seminars, group discussion sessions, to visits to the different ICFO labs that work in this field. Invited speakers included Prof. Lukas Novotny, from ETH Zürich, who spoke about Optomechanics, Prof. Erwin J.G. Peterman, from VU University Amsterdam, who covered topics in Biophysics, Prof. Juan M.R. Parrondo, from the Complutense University of Madrid, who gave a class on Stochastic and information thermodynamics, Prof. Giovanni Volpe, from University of Gothenburg, who lectured on the basics of optical trapping & applications of optical tweezers on Soft Matter, and finally, Prof. Raúl A. Rica, from the University of Granada, who explained the new trapping techniques in the field.

The school’s five-day program has ended with a one-day symposium, which brought together worldwide experts from different communities, who presented the latest scientific advances and some of the main emerging trends. The symposium was held in honor of the late ICFO Prof Dmitri Petrov, who dedicated the last years of his research career to this field.