06 November 2017 Randomness in Quantum Mechanics

Image credit : ICFO | Scixel

ICFO, in collaboration with Polish Academy of Sciences, publishes an extensive and thorough Review on Randomness in Quantum Mechanics in Reports on Progress in Physics. Randomness is a very important concept finding many applications in modern science and technologies. At the same time, it is also quite controversial, and the term may have different meanings depending on the field of science it deals with.

In a recent review report, ICFO researchers Dr. Manabendra Nath Bera and ICREA Professors at IFO Antonio Acín, Morgan W Mitchell and Maciej Lewenstein, in collaboration with Prof. Marek Kuś from the Polish Academy of Sciences, have reported an extensive and thorough review on how randomness is viewed and studied from a scientific, technological and philosophical point of view in Quantum Mechanics.

In their report, the researchers explain, in general terms, why randomness plays such an important role in various areas of science and technology. In particular, they elaborate on the concept of ’apparent randomness’, to differentiate it with what is understood by ’intrinsic randomness’.

The progress report covers recent developments in the area of quantum randomness, which is an extraordinarily interdisciplinary area that belongs not only to physics, but also to philosophy, mathematics, computer science, and technology. Because of this, the article is divided into three main sections, a philosophical, a physical, and a technological section, essentially devoted to different aspects of quantum randomness, and even directed, although not restricted, to various audiences.

Intended to reach broad and diverse audiences, the report has been written using basic terms and vocabulary, combining simple and non-technical descriptions with a concise review of more advanced results.