05 November 2018 IBM Q Best Paper Award

Alejandro Pozas

Alejandro Pozas runner-up for work utilizing IBM’s quantum computers The IBM Q Awards are a series of prizes for professors, lecturers and students who use the IBM Q Experience quantum computing platform and QISKit in the classroom or for their research. In the “Best Paper” contest, a total of five students and postdoctoral workers were awarded for their highest-impact scientific papers using the IBM Q Experience and QISKit as tools to achieve their results. ICFO PhD student Alejandro Pozas in the Quantum Information Theory group led by ICREA Prof. at ICFO Dr. Antonio Acín was recognized as a runner-up for his paper entitled “Bayesian Deep Learning on a Quantum Computer”, being awarded an invitation to a quantum event to be held at an IBM Research lab in New York.

In his paper, Alejandro and colleagues including former ICFO postdoctoral researcher Dr. Peter Wittek, developed a quantum algorithm for performing Bayesian learning on deep neural networks. In addition to designing this machine learning algorithm, they created a general-purpose implementation of the HHL algorithm, which is a central part not only for their work, but also in many other quantum machine learning algorithms. Furthermore, they demonstrated the execution of the algorithm on IBM’s contemporary quantum computers and analyzed its robustness with respect to realistic noise models.

Congratulations Alejandro!