07 March 2007 ICFO in El País and La Vanguardia

(left to right) Profs. Acín, Cirac and Lewenstein

The two national newspapers feature the new astonishing properties of quantum networks discovered by Profs. Acín, Cirac and Lewenstein The national press has featured recently the research carried out by ICFO researchers Prof Antonio Acin and Maciej Lewenstein, together with Prof Ignacio Cirac, from the Max-Planck Institute for Quantum Optics and Distinguished Invited Professor at ICFO.

Their outstanding results, published recently in the prestigious journal Nature Physics, demonstrate a new property of quantum networks, what the authors call “quantum entanglement percolation” , that allows to establish perfect correlations over large distances from imperfect ones. This is a very important step forward towards the experimental realization of quantum networks. Future internet and communication networks will use the laws of micro-world, i.e. quantum mechanics. In real quantum networks, it will be of primary importance to establish quantum entanglement, i.e. genuine quantum correlations over large distances. Unfortunately, establishing perfect correlations even over short distances is a formidable task: Only imperfect ones can be realized in experiments.