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Poincaré sphere representation of polarization-squeezed light
Quantum information with cold atoms and non-classical light Prof. Dr. Morgan Mitchell


We investigate quantum optical and quantum information processes with cold atoms and non-classical light sources, especially quantum processes arising from light-atom interactions. Our main activities are in two related areas: manipulation of cold atomic ensembles, including spin squeezing and generation of atom-light entanglement, and generation of squeezed, entangled, and single-photon states of light at atomic resonance wavelengths.

Post-doctoral research position in Atomic Quantum Optics available

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The group has three well-equipped, modern laboratories for quantum optics and cold atomic physics experiments. Notable technologies developed in the group include rubidium-resonant squeezed light and indistinguishable single photons, ultra-narrow optical filters based on atomic media, high optical depth cold atomic ensembles, quantum non-demolition measurements of atomic spin, spin-squeezed states of atomic ensembles, atomic magnetometers operating beyond the shot-noise and projection-noise limits, and ultra-fast quantum random number generators.


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