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Two-photon fluorescence imaging with 30 fs laser system tunable around 1 micron
B. Resan, R. Aviles-Espinosa, S. Kurmulis, J. Licea-Rodriguez, F. Brunner, A. Rohrbacher, D. Artigas, P. Loza-Alvarez, K. J. Weingarten
Opt. Express 22, 16456-16461 (2014)

Efimov trimers under strong confinement
J. Levinsen, P. Massignan, M. M. Parish
Phys. Rev. X 4, 031020 (2014)

Raman spectroscopy: Watching a molecule breathe
L. Piatkowski, J. T. Hugall, N. F. van Hulst
Nature Photon. 8, 589-591 (2014)

The potential of photoacoustic microscopy as a tool to characterize the in vivo degradation of surgical sutures
J. Aguirre, J. Morales-Dalmau, L. Funk, F. Jara, P. Turon, T. Durduran
Biomed. Opt. Express 5, 2856-2869 (2014)

Trapping atoms using nanoscale quantum vacuum forces
D. E. Chang, K. Sinha, J. M. Taylor, H. J. Kimble
Nature Commun. 5, 4343 (2014)

Strong antenna-enhanced fluorescence of a single light-harvesting complex shows photon antibunching
E. Wientjes, J. Renger, A. G. Curto, R. Cogdell, N. F. van Hulst
Nature Commun. 5, 4236 (2014)

Tomography of band insulators from quench dynamics
P. Hauke, M. Lewenstein, A. Eckardt
Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 045303 (2014)

Work extraction and thermodynamics for individual quantum systems
P. Skrzypczyk, A. J. Short, S. Popescu
Nature Commun. 5, 4185 (2014)

Speckle contrast optical spectroscopy, a non-invasive, diffuse optical method for measuring microvascular blood flow in tissue
C. P. Valdes, H. M. Varma, A. K. Kristoffersen, T. Dragojevic, J. P. Culver, T. Durduran
Biomed. Opt. Express 5, 2769-2784 (2014)

High-order harmonic generation at high laser intensities beyond the tunnel regime
J. A. Pérez-Hernández, M. F. Ciappina, M. Lewenstein, A. Zaďr, L. Roso
Eur. Phys. J. D 68, 195 (2014)
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