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Regular Papers

Realization of nonequilibrium thermodynamic processes using external colored noise
P. Mestres, I. A. Martinez, A. Ortiz-Ambriz, R. A. Rica, E. Roldan
Phys. Rev. E 90, 032116 (2014)

Direction-sensitive transverse velocity measurement by phase-modulated structured light beams
C. Rosales-Guzmán, N. Hermosa, A. Belmonte, J. P. Torres
Opt. Lett. 39, 5415-5418 (2014)

Sensitivity of entanglement decay of quantum-dot spin qubits to the external magnetic field
P. Mazurek, K. Roszak, R. W. Chhajlany, P. Horodecki
Phys. Rev. A 89, 062318 (2014)

Optimal signal recovery for pulsed balanced detection
Y. A. de Icaza Astiz, V. G. Lucivero, R. de J. León-Montiel, M. W. Mitchell
Phys. Rev. A 90, 033814 (2014)

Importance of excitation and trapping conditions in photosynthetic environment-assisted energy transport
R. de J. León-Montiel, I. Kassal, J. P. Torres
J. Phys. Chem. B 118, 10588-10594 (2014)

Few-cycle, broadband, mid-infrared optical parametric oscillator pumped by a 20-fs Ti:sapphire laser
S. Chaitanya Kumar, A. Esteban-Martin, T. Ideguchi, M. Yan, S. Holzner, T. W. Hänsch, N. Picqué, M. Ebrahim-Zadeh
Laser & Photon. Rev. 8, L86–L91 (2014)

Quantum nonlinear optics — photon by photon
D. E. Chang, V. Vuletić, M. D. Lukin
Nature Photon. 8, 685-694 (2014)

Transparent metallic fractal electrodes for semiconductor devices
F. Afshinmanesh, A. G. Curto, K. M. Milaninia, N. F. van Hulst, M. L. Brongersma
Nano Lett. 14, 5068-5074 (2014)

Generation of macroscopic singlet states in a cold atomic ensemble
N. Behbood, F. Martin Ciurana, G. Colangelo, M. Napolitano, Geza Toth, R. J. Sewell, M. W. Mitchell
Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 093601 (2014)

Two-photon fluorescence imaging with 30 fs laser system tunable around 1 micron
B. Resan, R. Aviles-Espinosa, S. Kurmulis, J. Licea-Rodriguez, F. Brunner, A. Rohrbacher, D. Artigas,
P. Loza-Alvarez, K. J. Weingarten
Opt. Express 22, 16456-16461 (2014)


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