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Offering opportunities for personal and professional growth to exceptional students, scientists, technicians and future stake holders in the academic and industrial worlds is central to ICFO's mission. In this scope, a broad range of tailor-made career development programs have been created to meet the needs of specific target audiences offering them an entry level perspective to the world of Photonics, as well as opportunities for enhancing existing skills and competencies of all ICFO researchers.

ICFO career development programs are based on a variety of components, including participation in cutting-edge science and technology, scientific lectures, specialized seminars and programs, technical workshops, lab tours and other dedicated events.

ICFO Young Minds

ICFO Young Minds was created with the purpose of promoting science and fostering research careers in exceptionally talented young students. Through a wide range of academic and outreach activities, this program offers high potential primary school through graduate students the opportunity to be involved in research life, as well as to have their first experience in a research project, working at the very frontier of science in optics and photonics.

Master Studies

Teaming up with Universities and Institutions in the Barcelona area, as well as from other European countries, ICFO offers MASTER STUDIES in optics and photonic related areas. ICFO's Group Leaders offer a variety of courses in these Masters and opportunities to their students to accomplish the compulsory Master Thesis at ICFO.

PhD Programs

ICFO offers focused PhD programs in Photonics that target the most advanced topics in optical sciences and technologies. PhD Students in these programs have access to cutting-edge experimental infrastructures, specialized seminars, tailor-made training programs and active mentoring by ICFO Group Leaders. Entrepreneurship, commercialization techniques and seminars in the area of professional and personal development are also an integral part of the curricula.


ICFO+ is the brand name for the ICFO training package of CourseWare offered to ICFO's researchers. It comprises a series of seminars and activities designed to equip talented students and also post-docs with unique skills to become future leaders, in the academic and the industrial worlds.

Training opportunities for ICFOnians
    ICFO strongly supports the concept of ICFOnians career development by offering opportunities, throughout the year, for enhancing existing skills and competencies. In this scope, ICFO organizes:
  • the ICFO Colloquia Program
  • seminars offered by invited speakers as well as ICFO researchers
  • specialized talks of entrepreneurs, business professionals and investors
  • specific courses providing insight to different techniques and programs used in experimental photonics
  • visits to outstanding Research Infrastructures and Industries
  • language courses
  • coffee sessions and social gatherings organized by ICONS
  • as well as other networking opportunities and dedicated training events.
Outreach (

In addition, ICFO has an extensive Outreach Program of activities which endeavor to inspire students, teachers, fellow scientists, the general public and industry at large. The ultimate aim of ICFO's Outreach Program is to promote the potential, pervasiveness and ubiquity of the science and technology of light and its industrial applications.

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