ICFO+ Program Presentation
Resilience & Well-Being

June 5th, 2020 OnBalance

A research career path may be demanding on a personal as well as intellectual level, particularly for people having to relocate from their home countries and specifically now in the complicated context we are facing. ICFO offers this program to help researchers strengthening their capacity to face the different challenges involved in a competitive research career.

ICFO has teamed up with the company OnBalance to design a program responding to our specific needs. The program will be offering tools to develop resilience and well-being, specifically to:
  • -Improve ability to respond to change and uncertainty
  • - Understand and practice techniques to improve emotional well-being
  • - Develop healthy habits to minimize or neutralize the consequences of stress, improve well-being, health and effectiveness
Presentation of the program: in a one-hour online session on 5 June, experts from Onbalance will present the program and give general information on tools that can be used to improve emotional well-being and reinforce healthy habits.

A workshops entitled “Resilience & Well-being tools at work” will follow this presentation at a later date, where resilience & well-being tools will be presented in a reduced format that will also allow interaction between participants and address specific needs.

** This event is open to all ICFO Researchers, but registration is necessary to participate. Onbalance will then contact participants directly to give credentials to enter the online questionnaire tool. A few days before the presentation, participants will receive detailed instruction on how to access this session.

LINK FOR REGISTRATION: Deadline Monday, 25 May

ICFO + Program Presentation, June 5, 2020, 10:00. Online