Quantum Future Academy Workshop

July 24th, 2020 Quantum Future Academy Workshop

Each European country will select 2 talented students who are motivated to study quantum technologies to participate in the Quantum Future Academy, a European wide, one-week school on quantum technologies that will take place in Berlin, in November 2020.

QFA Aims
  • *Promote young European talents in quantum technologies (QT)
  • *Establish a strong Quantum Community in Europe
  • *Bring together students from natural sciences and engineering
  • *Training and insights in quantum technology, theory and practice!
  • *Strengthening networks of students, science, industry and start-ups
  • *Provide you with QT-related career perspectives and options
  • *Have fun together!

The Quantum Future Academy Workshop, organized by ICFO, CSIC and the Universidad de Zaragoza, all members of the Spanish Network on Quantum Information and Technologies, is part of the selection process for the Spanish Delegation. Short-listed candidates will present themselves and their motivations for attending the QFA in front of a panel of experts.

We invite everyone to join us!

Link to join

Initiative co-organized by the Spanish Network on Quantum Information and Technologies (RITCE) RED2018-102707-E, in collaboration with CSIC, Universidad de Zaragoza and ICFO.

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