Genuine Nonlocality in Networks

In the last decade, the investigation of nonlocality has moved beyond Bell’s theorem to consider more sophisticated experiments that involve several independent sources which distribute shares of physical systems among many parties in a network. Network scenarios, and the nonlocal correlations that they give rise to, lead to phenomena that have no counterpart in traditional Bell experiments, thus presenting a formidable conceptual and practical challenge. In fact, one of the primary questions in network nonlocality that yet remain is how to properly define nonlocal correlations that are genuine to the network.

In this talk I will present several advances towards the understanding of genuinely nonlocal network correlations. This will be done in two parts. In the first, I will analyse recent efforts in providing a definition of genuine network nonlocality, namely [Pozas-Kerstjens et al., arXiv:2105.09325] and [Supic et al., arXiv:2105.12341]. In the second, I will show that the nonlocality of the quantum distribution of [Renou et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 140401 (2019)], considered to be the first demonstration of genuine quantum nonlocality in a network, is not restricted to the limits established by its original proof.

Seminar, November 9, 2021, 16:00. Blue Lecture Room

Hosted by Prof Antonio Acín