Group Leader

Prof. Dr. Hugues de Riedmatten

University Degree: PhD in Physics, University of Geneva (CH)

Position at ICFO: Group Leader
ICREA Professor, ERC Starting Grant Award

Research Areas: Quantum Optics

Research Group:Quantum Photonics With Solids And Atoms




Office Telephone:+34 935534020

Laboratory Telephone:+34 935542206
+34 935542203

Fax:+34 935534000



Permanent Address:

    Research Topics:
  • Solid state quantum memories
  • Quantum Frequency Conversion and hybrid quantum networks
  • Quantum Light Sources Compatible with Solid State Quantum Memories
  • Quantum Nodes with Laser cooled Atomic Ensembles
  • Quantum Processing Nodes with Single Ions in Solid-State
  • Quantum Non-Linear Optics at the single photon level with Cold Rydberg Atoms