Phase diagrams of an ultracold atomic gas in the potential formed inside a pumped optical resonator, exhibiting overlapping Mott-insulator states.

Ultracold atoms and quantum optics

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We investigate various aspects of ultracold atoms, like theory of weakly interacting Bose-Einstein condensates, methodology of Bose and Fermi systems, etc... We focus here on problems related to quantum optics, i.e. that employ quantum optics schemes, or that use quantum optics methods.

In particular, we study:

  1. novel methods for ultracold Bose gases in traps and lattices, and their dynamics (solitons, lattice shaking/modulation).
  2. various methods of detection in ultracold gases, such as particle counting, homodyne detection etc...
  3. ultracold atoms with cavity quantum electrodynamics, i.e. coupled to high finesse optical resonators.

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