Nano-photonics and nano-optoelectronics with 2D heterostructures and twisted 2D materials (ERC Consolidator project TOPONANOP)

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TOPONANOP’s vision is to exploit the extraordinary topological properties of novel two-dimensional materials, its heterostructures and other quantum materials in order to control light at the nanoscale in a radically new way. One of the main objectives is to generate non-reciprocal nanoscale optical fields (plasmons) that propagate in only one direction and implement topologically protected plasmons such that they move around defects and corners. At the same time, visualizing and controlling electromagnetic excitations will be used as a tool to unravel topological phenomena in quantum materials.

A recently discovered materials platform, twisted 2D materials, are central to our studies as new topological and correlated phases can be engineered due to the moiré superpotential.

Topological nano-photonics is a new paradigm for novel quantum materials and will enable novel future applications in miniaturized photonic isolators, diodes and logic circuits and could lead to completely new concepts for communication systems, optical transistors and optical information processing