Imaging techniques using consumer electronics components

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By leveraging fundamental properties of light, such as scattering, phase shifts or fluorescence labelling, microscopy can visualise objects that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Recent advances in image sensor arrays, similar to those used in smart phone cameras, have led to the design and development of imaging devices, that are potentially low cost and with the advantage of a large field-of-view (FOV). We collaborate with industry and hospital partners that provide us specifications to build imagers, that can detect particulates, very tiny quantities of materials, small refractive index changes and biomolecular layers. This can be done over large areas, volumes and with high speed. All these features are essential for, the inspection of materials, surfaces, in line particle and micro-organism counting and reading of biomarker assays. Our research on this topic has led to the recent launching of a spin-off ( and incubation of another one (LIM).

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