09 November 2009 Photonics 4 Life at ICFO

Third Scientific Meeting of Photonics for Life Network of Excellence. The third meeting of the European Network of Excellence Photonics 4 Life (P4L) took place at ICFO on November 16-18, 2009 hosted by ICFO Group Leader and ICREA Professor Prof. Niek van Hulst. ICFO research groups led by Prof. Turgut Durduran, Prof. Pablo Loza-Alvarez, and ICREA Professors Dmitri Petrov and Romain Quidant are involved as well.

P4L is a framework for the coherent collaboration of several different disciplines related to the field of Biophotonics in Europe. This third meeting made a special emphasis on Women in Biophotonics. A proper addressing of gender issues is carefully contemplated in P4L, whose participants are committed to promote gender equality in all P4L activities.