19 January 2010 Spacecraft Safety

Research by Prof. Valerio Pruneri\'s group makes it to the second phase of ESA\'s Innovation Triangle Initiative. The European Space Agency (ESA), under the Innovation Triangle Initiative (ITI) program, has upgraded its support to the project on advanced fiber-based optical sensors led by ICFO Group Leader and ICREA Professor Valerio Pruneri. This is a collaborative effort in the context of space safety including four Spanish partners: Emxys, Polytechnic University of Valencia, INASMET, and ICFO. In 2008, only 7% of the Spanish projects submitted to the ESA-ITI call were approved.

The ITI program consists of three phases of different funding level. The team successfully completed the first phase -proof of concept- on April 2009. The recently approved second phase -demonstration of feasibility and use of the new idea- starts on January 2010 and aims at developing packaged devices integrated with the spacecraft.