04 May 2010 X-Ray Sources

Colored areas
indicate enhancement

Nature Photonics highlights a novel method to increase the efficiency of table-top-X-Ray sources proposed at the group led by Prof. Jens Biegert. Nature Photonics has recently included in its Research Highlights a work published in Physical Review Letters by ICFO Research Fellow Dr. Carles Serrat and ICFO Prof. Jens Biegert.

The work demonstrates that adding a periodic static field results in efficiency enhancement of X-Ray sources. As the picture shows, the enhancement (colored lines) depends on the period of the field.

According to the magazine, the authors have proposed and theoretically demonstrated a novel method to overcome long-standing issues of low efficiencies and lack of tunability of soft-X-Ray sources based on high harmonic generation. Such sources could have tremendous impact for table-top X-Ray bio imaging.