29 November 2010 BioPic 2010 Award

Research at the group led by Prof. Pablo Loza-Alvarez, awarded with the first prize in the BioPic 2010 PhD poster session. PhD student Omar Olarte and collaborators have won the first prize in the PhD category at the BioPhotonics and Imaging Conference (BioPIC), held in Meath (Ireland) last October.

The poster is about femtosecond nanosurgery which allows dissecting single nerve axons within a living Caenorhabditis elegans (C. elegans) without destroying neighboring tissues. This technique is opening up unprecedented opportunities for studying the process of nerve regeneration after such ablation.

The picture shows a detail in the poster explaining the bubble formation on the cuticle and disruption of the axon during the femtosecond laser surgery captured with a multimodal optical workstation. The research has been carried out by Olarte together with PhD student Sotiris Psilodimitrakopoulos, Dr. Susana Santos and Dr. Manoj Mathew all led by Prof. Pablo Loza-Alvarez.