19 March 2011 ICREA Tenth Anniversary

Cirac and Lewenstein attending the questions of the audience.

Ignacio Cirac and Maciej Lewenstein discussed on the second quantum revolution and technologies of the future. The Catalan Institute for Research and Advanced Studies (ICREA) celebrated on March 22 its tenth anniversary with an official event hosted by the President of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Artur Mas, and the Conseller of Economy and Knowledge, Andreu Mas-Colell, at the Palau de la Generalitat in Barcelona.

The event included the 42nd ICREA Colloquium in which ICFO Distinguished Invited Prof. Ignacio Cirac and ICREA Prof. Maciej Lewenstein, leader of the Quantum Optics Theory group at ICFO, discussed about `The Second Quantum Revolution and Technologies of the Future.\'

Prof. Cirac talked about the development of quantum information sciences and their groundbreaking future applications. Prof. Lewenstein devoted his talk to quantum simulators, which can be regarded as a special kind of quantum computer with immediate applications in the study of systems too complex to be analyzed directly.