28 March 2011 Attosecond Physics on Air

Judith Dura interviewed in the context of a workshop on ultrafast physics organized by the group of Jens Biegert. ICFO postdoctoral researcher Dr. Judith Dura was one of the organizers of the Attosecond and Ultrafast Physics meeting held on February 20-23 at the Centro de Ciencias Pedro Pascual in Benasque, Spain. She explained in a radio interview the aim of Attoscience research and current international developments in the field.

The interview centered around the meeting, with special emphasis on the first attosecond XUV light source in Spain, operated by the attoscience and ultrafast optics group at ICFO led by ICREA Prof. Jens Biegert.

Attosecond and Ultrafast Physics is a brainstorming workshop aiming at the forefront of ultrafast physics and applications in extreme nonlinear optics and attoscience. This year was its second edition at Benasque, organized by ICFO researchers PhD student Alexandre Thai, Dr. Judith Dura and Prof. Jens Biegert.