13 May 2011 BCN International Motor Show

Dr. Davide Janner and Mr. Daniel Infante

Technology developed in Valerio Pruneri’s group special mention at the Barcelona International Motor Show Awards. Technology for Head-Up Displays (HUD) developed at ICFO received a special mention at the 2011 Barcelona International Motor Show Awards. The work was carried out by a team in the optoelectronics group led by ICREA Prof. Valerio Pruneri, including Research Engineers Daniel Infante, Roser Juanola and Research Fellow Dr. Davide Janner, in collaboration with ADTelecom, SEAT and FICOSA

The project presented an alternative light-based, low cost and high performance HUD system. The development of these kind of driver-assistance systems makes driving safer and easier. It belongs to the Human to Machine Interface Work Package of MARTA (Mobility & Automotion through Advanced Transport Networks), one of 16 proposals approved by the Government to foster R+D in Spain. It was coordinated by the multinational corporation Ficosa, and aimed at developing new scientific and technological basis for transportation. Areas of focus included safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

The award ceremony took place in Barcelona on Friday 13, 2011. The first prize went to FICOSA for a driver drowsiness detector. The awards are organized by STA (Sociedad de Técnicos de la Automoción) and Fira de Barcelona to promote innovation and R+D in the automotive industry.