31 May 2011 Nikon Center of Excellence in STORM at ICFO

Silvia Carrasco, Peter Drent and Melike Lakadamyali.

The partnership will allow researchers access to state-of-the-art super-resolution systems. Nikon Instruments Europe has partnered with ICFO to open the Nikon Center of Excellence in STORM in Europe. Focusing on STORM super-resolution technology, this unique partnership will allow researchers access to groundbreaking Nikon N-STORM super-resolution microscopy systems to advance ICFO’s ongoing cutting edge research in this area.

\"We are very pleased to partner with Nikon in such an exciting venture pushing the boundaries of traditional light microscopy.\" commented Professor Lluis Torner, Director of the Institute, and recipient of the 2011 Optical Society of America Leadership Award. “The Center of Excellence in STORM will make a key contribution to our program that aims at the development of unique techniques for advanced imaging and probing, early diagnosis and new therapies in healthcare and further our research immensely, enabling us to maintain our position at the cutting-edge of super-resolution imaging technologies.”

Peter Drent, General Manager of Nikon Instruments Europe, added, \"The Institute of Photonic Sciences hosts a world class Super-resolution Light Microscopy & Nanoscopy (SLN) Facility, equipped with front-end microscopy techniques. Over the past few years Nikon has been the world leader in developing innovative imaging systems that can provide unique solutions for cell imaging. Having now developed the groundbreaking N-STORM microscope system, it was a natural progression for us to partner with such a leading facility. Through this partnership, we can anticipate providing some of the world\'s foremost researchers with the tools they need to develop novel approaches in healthcare. Nikon’s team in Europe is also looking forward to using the Nikon Center of Excellence in STORM at ICFO for user group workshops and demonstrations for other interested customers.”

The N-STORM has been developed by Nikon through a licensing agreement with Harvard University granting Nikon the rights to use the Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy (STORM) technology.

In the picture, Peter Drent with ICFO KTT Director Dr Silvia Carrasco (left) and Dr Melike Lakadamyali (right), leader at ICFO of the advance fluorescence imaging and biophysics group.