30 August 2011 SPIE Student Chapter Meeting

Total reflection on a water stream illustrates the concept of optical fibers.

ICONS attends the 10th SPIE Student Chapter Leadership Workshop in San Diego, California. More than 200 students from around the world attended the meeting, held on August 20-24 in the context of the SPIE Optics and Photonics Conference.

The students gathered for talks on team work and team management, round tables with recent PhD graduates, poster sessions by chapter\'s leaders, and even innovative \"speed meetings\". These activities represented plenty of opportunities to meet other students and team up for solving common problems, finding ways to make the most of their chapters.

The event included the Optics Outreach Olympics 2011, where PhD student Yannick de Icaza represented ICFO student chapter with an outreach activity designed to explain the role of optical fibers in information and communication. First prize medal went to INAO chapter in Mexico.