02 October 2011 Advances in Strong Field
and Attosecond Physics

Extreme ultraviolet emission from an infra-red input pulse

Special issue of the Journal
of Modern Optics edited by Prof. Jens Biegert and Prof. Carla de Morrisson Faria.
The Journal of Modern Optics has recently released a special focus issue on latest advances on strong field and attosecond physics, edited by Prof. Carla Figueira de Morrisson Faria, of the University College (London, UK) and ICREA Prof. Jens Biegert, leader at ICFO of the Attosecond Physics group. The issue covers a wide range of topics with the aim of unveiling the dynamics of matter in the attosecond regime.

Light moves through atomic distances at the time scale of electronic processes and provides the perfect tool to understand the behavior of physical systems under extreme conditions, such as the emission of radiation in the extreme ultraviolet regime from an infra-red input pulse, or the production of high-energy photoelectrons in laser-induced ionization. Mastering the interaction of strong-field lasers with matter is thus of fundamental importance to understand the physics behind these phenomena.

The editors brought together world leaders of the strong-field community, molecular physicists, quantum chemists and condensed-matter physicists in a special effort to widen the points of view in the study of strong-field phenomena, shifting the interest from the external laser field to include also the structure of the target.