18 November 2004 ICFO participates in a leading European research consortium in ultracold atoms and molecules (QUDEDIS)

The aim of QUDEDIS is to investigate the key concepts behind the manipulation of ultracold atomic and molecular systems The European Science Foundation (ESF) is coordinating a European network activity on the novel states of matter in dilute quantum systems, that is ultracold atomic and molecular gases in magnetic and other traps. The programme named QUDEDIS (Quantum Degenerate Dilute Systems) adopts the current trends and developments of the field, which comprises degenerate Fermi gases, mixtures of Bose- and Fermi systems, homo- and heteronuclear molecular systems and even quantum phase transitions in the strongly interacting regime.

The network, participated by 13 countries, provides the forum for a quick and frictionless exchange of techniques, tricks and methods with the ultimate goal to create and manipulate ultra cold atomic and molecular systems using an easy-to-handle technology. The participation of scientist from Spain in the network has been made possible by the contributions by the Ministry of Education and Science, the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, the Universidad de Salamanca, and the ICFO.

The European collaborations should allow the best European groups to maintain their leading position in the cold atom research and to join efforts with the top US, Japanese and Australian colleagues.

The activities of the programme consist in the organization and support of conferences and workshops, a variety of visiting programmes, and a long-term fellowship programme for young researchers.

For additional info, please visit the QUDEDIS programme at the ESF website.