13 December 2011 Precise Measurements in Physics Today

Artist’s view of the light-atom interaction

ICFOnians of the group led by Morgan Mitchell discuss for an undergraduate audience an experiment they recently published in Nature. Dr. Robert Sewell and ICREA Prof. Morgan Mitchell explain for undergraduate students in Collaboration and precision in quantum measurement how suitably engineered interactions between atoms and lasers may improve the performance of measurements like gravitational wave detection, magnetic imaging, and other ultra-sensitive measurements. Based on their recent publication in Nature, this article describes results of fundamental importance for interferometry and the quantum limits of measurement.

The experiment described in Interaction-based quantum metrology showing scaling beyond the Heisenberg limit was published in Nature by PhD student Mario Napolitano, along with Dr. Marco Koschorreck, Brice Dubost, Naeimeh Behbood and Dr. Robert Sewell, all led by Prof. Mitchell, leader at ICFO of the group of quantum information with cold atoms and non-classical light.