30 January 2012 New Advances in Graphene

Light absorption at graphene nanodiscs

A study by researchers at Southampton, FQRI-CSIC,
and ICFO suggests doped graphene could be a perfect light absorber.
The authors demonstrate 100% light absorption can take place in a single patterned sheet of doped graphene. The results are relevant for infrared light detectors and sources, and have been highlighted in Physics Focus and Physics World.

The paper Complete optical absorption in periodically patterned graphene has been published in Physical Review Letters by Dr. Sukosin Thongrattanasiri, from FQRI-CSIC, Madrid; Prof. F. Javier García de Abajo, from FQRI-CSIC and Univ. Southampton; and Prof. Frank Koppens, leader at ICFO of the Nano-optoelectronics group.