16 February 2012 ERC Proof of Concept

Courtesy of U. Vienna-Arkitek

Antonio Acín, Morgan Mitchell and Valerio Pruneri receive funding for ERC proof-of-concept study. ICREA Professor Antonio Acín received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) to support work on a project with market potential called MAMBO which he will carry out in collaboration with ICREA Professors Morgan Mitchell and Valerio Pruneri. The project focuses on the creation of a compact, high speed quantum generator of random numbers.

In this most recent call for projects, 73 proposals were submitted and 30 innovative projects were rewarded. The Proof-of-Concept program, which was launched in March 2011, has awarded only 2 grants in Spain, including this most recent award. The other was given in October 2011 to ICREA Professor Romain Quidant, leader of the Plasmon nano-optics group also at ICFO. This remarkable result is testament not only to the research being conducted at ICFO, but also to the efforts of the Knowledge and Technology Transfer Unit to help bring innovative research to the market.

In reference to this Proof-of-Concept program, ERC President Professor Helga Nowotny commented: \"The ERC took the bold step to demonstrate that already now its funding of frontier research holds considerable innovation potential. Although only a limited amount of our budget, it enables our ERC grantees to take part of their work one decisive step further towards utilization on the market and in society\".

Congratulations, Toni, Valerio, and Morgan!