20 March 2012 The First Book on Quantum Simulators

ICFO Prof. Maciej Lewenstein co-authors a comprehensive treatment of quantum simulators in book published by Oxford University Press. \"Ultracold Atoms in Optical Lattices: Simulating Quantum Many-Body Systems\" co-authored by ICREA Professor at ICFO Maciej Lewenstein, ICREA Professor a UAB Anna Sanpera, and UAB Professor Veronica Ahufinger has just been released by Oxford University Press.

This is the first book devoted entirely to the concept of quantum simulators of quantum many body systems and their possible realizations with ultracold atoms. The book covers practically all subjects related to this topic, from fundamentals of quantum statistical mechanics and quantum optics through extensive description of theoretical methods and concrete studies of spinor, dipolar, frustrated, and ultracold gases.

The book provides the necessary basics of quantum information theory and its relation to quantum many body physics, both in terms of theoretical foundations, as well as possible implementations.

Of the monumental effort that went into producing this book, Prof. Lewenstein adds a special thanks to Susan Horvath, ICFO Research Administrative Support. “Susan was absolutely essential in the preparation of the manuscript!”