15 May 2012 ICFO in The Economist

Hybrid Graphene-Quantum Dot Phototransistor

New technology developed
by the groups of Gerasimos Konstantatos and Frank Koppens receives enthusiastic support from prestigious international press.
The prestigious international publication The Economist has published a page long article dedicated to the new hybrid graphene–quantum dot phototransistors technology developed by the groups of ICFO Professors and Nest Fellows, Frank Koppens and Gerasimos Konstantatos.

The Economist’s enthusiastic report on the potential of this technology reflects the hope that these flexible, affordable, ultra-sensitive photodectors could usher in a whole new generation of consumer electronics.

ICFO congratulates all involved in this research and takes special pride in the fact that ICFOnians are demonstrating that advances in our laboratories have the potential to make important waves around the word in the most sought after technologies.