04 June 2012 Science Perspectives

Researchers in the group led by Maciej Lewenstein discuss recent results on universal quantum computers and simulation of relativistic quantum theories. The Perspective article discusses recent results by John Preskill’s group at Caltech (USA), on universal quantum computers for efficient simulation of relativistic quantum theories. These are the theories that provide our current description of elementary: electrons, photons, quarks, neutrinos, gluons, etc. The authors also discuss the possibility of using special purpose quantum computers -quantum simulators- for similar tasks, pointing toward important open questions which they are currently analyzing at ICFO concerning validation of this possibility.

The paper has been published in Science by ICFO PhD student Philipp Hauke, Research Fellow Dr. Luca Tagliacozzo and ICREA Prof. Maciej Lewenstein, leader at ICFO of the Quantum optics group.