27 June 2012 ERC Starting Grant Awarded to Prof. Frank Koppens

Frank Koppens

The grant supports young researchers to establish themselves as independent research leaders. ICFO Group Leader and ICREA Professor Frank Koppens, has been awarded a European Research Council Starting Grant to pursue his project “Carbon Light”. The project aims to bridge the unique nano-optical and nano-electronic properties of graphene to capture and manipulate light at extremely small scales and to reveal the intriguing physics of quantum electrodynamics at the level single electrons and photons, trapped into nano-structured graphene.

The European Research Council is a research funding body created under the EU\'s 7th Framework Programme for Research. The ERC Starting Grant was created in response to a deficit of funding opportunities for exceptional young researchers at an important development stage of their careers, and offers important opportunities for early career independence.

Congratulations Frank!