24 August 2012 Two NEXPRESSO projects at ICFO

TIME-BANDWIDTH PRODUCTS AG and SOLUS TECH collaborate with ICFO in prototype projects within the NEXPRESSO programme. ICFO is currently participating in two separate prototype evaluation projects within the NEXPRESSO programme (Network for EXchange and PRototype Evaluation of photonicS componentS and Optical systems). Both projects use lasers for advanced applications in Super-Resolution microscopy.

ICFO Professor David Artigas is working with TIME-BANDWIDTH PRODUCTS AG (Zurich) on a project titled Super Resolution Multimodal Microscopy with Ytterbium Laser Systems and ICFO Professor Pablo Loza-Alvarez with SOLUS TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED (Glasgow) on a project titled Compact STED CW sources emitting in the yellow range.

The NEXPRESSO programme is a Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union with a double objective to give European researchers and students access to photonic devices developed in innovative European companies and to facilitate transfer of device evaluation results to potential end-users, assisting companies to access new markets and new applications.