04 October 2012 2012 PhD Poster Award

Jan Gieseler, Francesco Pastorelli, and Mathieu Alloing

Jan Gieseler awarded Best Poster during the celebration of the CLP Day. The PhD Poster Sessions aims to promote exchange of ideas and knowledge among ICFO PhD students in different groups and areas. At this year’s event, 28 posters were exhibited during the annual CLP day. In the week leading up to the CLP day, ICFOnians were invited to select their favorite poster. The selection of the three best posters was made by the PhD in Photonics Commission.

The 3 finalist for Best Poster were:
  • Mathieu Alloing- Quantum Optics Theory (ICREA Prof. Maciej Lewenstein)
  • Jan Gieseler- Plasmon nano-optics (ICREA Prof. Romain Quidant)
  • Francesco Pastorelli - Organic nanostructured photovoltaics (Prof. Jordi Martorell)
The winner of the 2012 PhD Poster Award was chosen from the shortlist by a jury which consisted of the invited speakers of the CLP day: Fengnian Xia from the IBM TJ Watson Research Center, USA; Javi Kivioja from the Nokia Research Center in Cambridge, UK; and Cynthia Giroux, Optical and Surface Technologies, Science&Technology at Corning Incorporated, USA.

The jury expressed their respect for the excellent presentations of all the posters, with a special mention for the three finalists. The winning poster presented by Jan Gieseler was highlighted for the clarity and precision of the presentation as well as the strong scientific content.

Congratulations Jan!