17 October 2012 Doping graphene with light

Nanoscale plasmonic antennas placed on graphene

ICFO Prof. Frank Koppens co-authors a paper on plasmon-induced doping of graphene in American Chemical Society journal ACS Nano Researchers at Rice University, Beijing University and ICFO have managed to dope graphene with light in a way that could lead to more efficient design and manufacturing of electronics, as well as novel security and cryptography devices.

Many strategies for doping grapheme have been examined, including attaching organic or metallic molecules to its hexagonal lattice. However, manufacturers continue to chemically dope silicon to adjust its semiconducting properties. The breakthrough reported in this paper details a novel concept: plasmon-induced doping of graphene. This could facilitate the instant creation of circuitry – optically induced electronics – on graphene patterned with plasmonic antennas that can manipulate light and inject electrons into the material to affect its conductivity. Making it selectively – and reversibly – amenable to doping would be like having a graphene blackboard upon which circuitry can be written and erased at will, depending on the colours, angles or polarization of the light hitting it.